Working with Schools and Researchers

COSTS: All advice, training, support is free of charge. 

TIME: The most effective way of learning begins with the school's leadership team and a ninety minute online session

SESSIONS: This introductory session is based on transformative learning and involves:

  1. Explaining how the school operates its same-age system

  2. Deconstructing policies and practices (assumptions)

  3. Learning why VT is different

  4. Dealing with the challenges of implementation and change.

There can be as many or as few sessions as schools need, but the aim is to leave schools with a clear idea of what VT is and why it is a different organisational system to same-age structure.

Working with Parents and Students


It is always a delight when parents and school students contact this site for information. Often there are concerns about friendship groups, why change is necessary, how the system works, who is involved, and what happens. 

Answers are given either by email or online discussion.

Free Services


Leadership Teams, LAs, whole staff, parent intro to VT, students, governors etc.



Talks and seminars with interest groups, PTAs and others organisations.

system check.png
System Checking


A free service to schools that have changed to VT or want to, but feel they haven't got it quite right and want to improve their system.



Work with research groups and other services to develop synergy and share expertise.