Working with schools

It is a privilege working with schools and others who want to learn more about VT, its implementation and the management changes needed. These 3-hour sessions cover issues such assessment, parent partnership, communications, learning relationships and more. Remember VT is a systemic change, not a change to the pastoral system but one the unites the academic and pastoral. VT challenges existing practice!


Using the latest research and best practice from schools, we'll also discover the importance of multi-age friendships and find out why bullying declines and resilience increases in multi-age organisation. The connection between cognitive and social development will also be explained. Why have PSHE and pro-social programmes when the system does the work better? 


Finally, we'll design the VT school, explaining how management changes and why. The basic training involves the leadership team but this can and should be extended to all staff, parents and students. The idea is that schools should be the authors of a their own, better design story.


Headteachers from S. Africa
International School, Qatar
Wolverhampton Grammar