These books provide systemic background to same-age & multi-age school systems

Chaos, Culture, and Third Millennium Schools (2000) is a first look at school management and sets the scene for vertical tutoring, introducing the idea of the upside-down school and other models


Vertical Tutoring (2010) outlines management ideas supporting VT. While this is a good basic intro you may find the later books more informative and instructional. It is a VT primer in a way.


The Systems Thinking Schools (2013) outlines the systems rationale for mixed-age groups and implementation and acts as a school systems thinking primer besides giving more detail on implementation.


From School Delusion to Design (2015) is the latest in this series and includes more of  the rationale and implementation/management side of transformational change to VT including a step-by-step guide.

The Socially Collaborative School (2019) is the final book in the VT series and includes the latest research. It is also the longest book!

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This is my local school. Despite operating in a selective catchment area, this non-selective school fought against the odds to become a really good school.


An essential part of its journey involved the introduction of vertical tutoring. The effect continues to:


  • improve learning relationships

  • make sure every child is known

  • increase leadership at all levels

  • ensure that every child is a mentor

  • build parent partnership

  • improve outcomes over time

  • make interventions rapid

  • enable information to increase & flow

  • make school safe & dramatically reduce bullying

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