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Remember, VT is not a simple change to the pastoral system. It is the way the school communicates, assesses, builds collaborative home-school partnership, and liberates human resources. Simply contact the site and any resources needed will be provided including in-depth advice and training on how to transform. Usually, there is no charge unless travel is involved.

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Latest VT Book
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Introductions to VT

The following article is an overview of VT by Robin Cox, leading authority on

mentoring, who introduced VT to St. Paul's School in Brisbane, Australia.

This PowerPoint plus commentary offers a few introductory insights into VT (please 

make sure your speakers are on)

Selected drafts of academic/research papers now peer reviewed & published in the International Journal of School Management

Highlights the importance of parent partnership (liberating agency) in building a collaborative VT system.

Explains why reform fails in same-age systems and promotes VT as a prototype learning organisation.

Explores the link between complexity, capacity, community, and culture.

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