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A Word from Schools...

We have had a great start to term thanks in no small measure to VT. The students have really embraced it. Behaviour has improved significantly

- Eastern School, Cardiff -Wales (most improved school in Wales)

This is the best thing we have ever done. Thank you so much for your support 

- Princethorpe College, Rugby -UK

What was achieved in Term 1 and the launch of VT and the 5 new Houses can only be described as amazing! While there are still a few Tutors getting their heads around VT, the majority are into it and there have been so many positive stories about how older kids have been assisting younger kids and so on. And having the Co-Tutor has most definitely been the trump card. The first deep conversations, Global Citizenship Conversations, took place with Year 7 students and families and I have only heard positives. -

- St. Pauls, Brisbane, Australia

Now that we're VT we can see clearly the faults in the old year system. We will never go back. Its changed the learning and support culture

Portsmouth UK

N.B. Remember, while there may be much that is wrong in schools, teachers are not the problem. While teachers work tirelessly on self-improvement, the system in which they work stays the same. It is the linear same-age 'system' that schools try to make work that is the real problem! 

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