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Welcome to people interested in PARADIGMATIC change.

The site tells you what VT is and why it is a viable alternative to the same-age hypothesis, a system well past its use-by date. You'll find the latest research papers below. 

'One school at a time and a thousand lives made better'
Barnard, P. A. (2020) Socially collaborative schools; Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, New York, London, and Washington.

Short intro to VT 

Why secondary schools fail the complexity test and what they need to do to pass it (New Paper)

Many of you on Twitter have requested my paper on parent partnership prior to publication. Press the button to read.

This paper explains why schools using a traditional same-age structure cannot be developed into learning organisations

"Your new book is brilliant,  best that I have seen on the topic-by far" -        Michael Fullan (19-06-20)